Rant: SMG's need a nerf

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

""Smg's : Not bad in close quarters ( as it should be ) not bad in range thanks to low recoil and no damage reduce in range ( this is bad and makes it overpowered ) high fire rate and low recoil ( bad ) high fire rate good hip fire ( overpowered ) laser sight attachment to make the hip fire not spread ( really really overpowered ) silencer almost no damage reduce ( really bad ) ""

You cant shoot an SMG effectively at long range, unless its a burst fire SMG (Chicom). Theres enough recoil to where you can not die in 1 - 2 bursts at long range from Chicom, and to where they can not burst fire you from long range.

High Fire Rate, Good Hip Fire, Good Close Range = Definition of SMG

Also the laser sight on an SMG only makes the spread 33% more tighter. Silencer on or off doesn't matter, SMG's shoot fast enough to make up for dmg loss.

I do not see how you come to the conclusion SMG's are OP. They play the SMG role the way their supposed to be. Also, do keep in mind the game is set in the future and may of the SMG's do say they are made to have low recoil (Not the same as no recoil). You can easily tell they have recoil by shooting a wall.

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I disagree with poster.  I find that Assault Rifles take me down much quicker than SMG's do.  Also, when I tried various SMG's it took more bullets to kill when compared to my Assault rifle.

The majority of the guns seem well balanced and if the SMG's need to be Nerfed perhaps you should use one if they are so overpowered.  

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If you lose a gunfight against an Assult Rifle user, either you had bad lag comp or didn't have the better accuracy on the chest / head. They may take 1 more bullet to kill, but the RoF makes up for that.

I do use SMG's on small maps, like Hijacked and Slums. However people still use it too much on every map like Yemen and Turbine, which I like to snipe in. But the bigger deal is, I do not want to be using only one gun class just so I can compete with other players, when this game has so much other features and 22 other guns.

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All I hear is ....................

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you just gotta adapt man.  each game is different.

the first few days i played, i couldnt figure out why i was getting worked so bad.  then i realized that most people were hipfiring in close range battles.  that split second of ads was making the difference between getting beat or not.  i rarely hipfired in mw3 (used stalker instead of steady aim), so i wasn't used to it.  so i just adapted and started hipfiring, and what do you know, i started doing well.

over time, people will find ways to counter the smgs.  you'll probably see more people sniping, more people shotgunning, etc.  just find what works for you and make it fun.  

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I always hipfire with shotty's, SMG, LMG's and Assault Rifles at CQC, and sniper rifles at desperite moments lol.

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nerf already? quit ur b*tch'n

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If you think they don't need a nerf then how come all the high kill games on youtube are smg's? Stop trying to protect your fav OP gun class.

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yea thats why my fav gun is the m27 Tard

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I was using a stock SCAR as I had nothing unlocked I counted 6 hit markers. The guy I was shooting didn't even see me until I started hitting him. He looked up with his SMG (I believe it was the PDW) and shot me 5 times with it surpressed

I'm not saying guns are OP, I'm just saying they're imbalanced ARs have a very slight advantage at range. The FAL is a 4 shot kill at range unsupressed when it should be 3 tops. The SMR has stupid high recoil so it should be a 2. Full auto ARs should be no more than 4, and SMGs should be at least 6

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