Rank and stats reset? HELP ME TREYARCH :(

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Rank and stats reset? HELP ME TREYARCH :(

Hi, my stats and rank have been reset for know reason. I was on prestige master which I earned by playing multiplayer with many great guns I loved and my titles. I know I am not the only one suffering from this problem and is why I am asking you Treyarch to please help me and the rest of those who didnt expect it to happen and get it fixed and restored back the way it originally was. Please help me my username is TayLz_17 and my email is TayLz_17@hotmail.com. I desperately need my rank for the weekend and for the upcoming dlc. As I will be known as a noob. Please help me Treyarch I desperately need your help.

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Re: Rank and stats reset? HELP ME TREYARCH :(

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If you have linked your multiplayer account to your profile here, you can look in the support section for help.


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