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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I would just like to know that Treyarch has actually acknowledged the "server error" on the PS3. Im sick of having to frequently check twitter and etc. I was able to play all day Friday. But on Saturday, I got the error, now i cant play again. I understand that the game is still broken, but i just want to know that 3arc are actually doing something to fix this problem. Thanks...

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same here ! servers are down whenever i try to go on multiplayer

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Of course they are doing something about it.

There has been many posts from 3arc about all the issues that are happening to both Xbox AND ps3.

In fact, when you switch on the game, there has been a message on the opening page of the game acknowledging the problems.

While it feels they aren't doing anything, I'm sure that they are, pretty sure that the bad press they have received about the opening day/week issues are something they don't like either.

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if they knew this was a big problem i think they would have waited a bit and released 1.03 when they have figured what the server problem is.

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