Probation and banning for games not played??

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I have noticed on my elite recent games page that there are games listed with score of zero that were not played or initiated.  These are games that server timed out and migrated before game began at which I left the lobby and looked for a new game.

I logged on yesterday multiple times and one time I was greeted with the banned console notification because I left too many games.  I believe the two issues are related

After the banned console notification I tried again and was able to play.

This is rather disturbing as it appears that one might be improperly banned.  If this is correct and you find yourself banned what recourse do you hav

Note - I have been on probation for leaving games prior to understanding that was a no no but have not left a game in progress in some time.


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Unfortunately, if the host dashboards it counts the same as if you did it.  That is a flaw in the system.  Too many of those in a row can get you a probation.

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you did not particepate in the match but you was connected to it.

so leaving it does count towards probation.

but was this league play or public ?

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Probabtion doesn't work IMO at all.

I only play Hardcore so with out fail every now and again I will get kicked. but i would say its 1 out of 10 - 20 games.

Don't get me wrong every game i kill someone in our team by mistake, but I would say I am in probabtion at least once a day, or even when i start the console before I have even played a game.

It happens to everyone in our clan, and we end up having to wait 5 mins between games all the time because someone is on probabtion.

I would say either remove it totally or work out a better solution for Hardcore players, to be honest team killers are gone pretty quickly anyway so just let them get kicked.

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hmm... when I play MP I play mostly HC and I do get kicked here and there for sure...

But if you (and your clan) are getting kicked and put on probation 1/day, maybe you should be moving to core.

No insult intended, but teamkilling so much that it puts you on probation is just crazy... now if you couple that with rage quitting/server disconnections, that is another thing altogether.

Ironically, I have found myself on probation once (when PS3 freezing was more of an issue than it is now):

- PS3 froze, restarted it and joined MP

- PS3 froze again, restarted it and joined MP

- next match, PS3 did not freeze but I did nget kicked (my game was off from so many PS3 freezing)

... Probation.

The question is: Did the teamkilling get me put on probation or the game leaving/server disconnects (regardless of whose fault it was that I was getting disconnected)?

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I only play HC, core is dull and boring.

I never rage quit ever, I am the stupid guy that stays in even when the rest of my team backs out.

I get kicked for my Warthog blowing up a car with a team mate next to it  or me shooting someone with my VTOL, absolutely there is the odd, you startled me Team Kill and people running into my bullets but not that much.

Like i said i get probation when i have just turned on my PS3 not been on for 2 days Ta da i have probation!!!!! I have been on probation for getting disconnected, timing out etc, and when we playing as a team of 6 to 9 then (3 on other team) we end up with someone on probation alot.

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ROFL "Ta da I have probation" I so get that

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There you have it.  You are using scorestreaks that require careful team coordination in HC and you aren't coordinating very well.  Since you are playing with your clan, you would think that you wouldn't have this problem.  You guys need to do a better job of calling out or your need to switch your scorestreaks.  Ie Dogs don't net any TKs and Stealth Choppers can but often don't get many TKs.  Of course, VSATs and EMPs are the safest.

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