Please no portable radar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I have seen no weapon more comparable to the MP40 THAN THE PP90.

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Wow, I bet when the game comes out and it has a PR in it we'll see another post about it.  Stop crying OP.  There is a counter to EVERYTHING, all you have to do is use it. 

Want to not show up on the corner camping, ADS, PR using, shotgun bitch's radar??  Run assassin.  Game over and done. 

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I think the only people who complain about the "noobtube" are the campers who get killed or flushed out of their hiding spot by it. The motion sensor is a style of game play that some ppl choose to use. Many,many snpiers use the sensor to keep a watchful eye out for an enmey nearing. This i dont mind as the sniper is doing what a sniper is suppose to do. Guys complain and call it Hard scoping but thats by far more realistic than someone running around and quick scoping

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