Platform Conspiracy?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Platform Conspiracy?

I find myself screaming at the top of my lungs, because once again the Sony PlayStation 3 that I spend tons of money on every year has frozen.  Yelling profanities at the screen, telling my boyfriend to move let me try, as if because of my more amazing gaming skills, "assumed of course" somehow will make the PS3 and the new game Black Op's 2 work properly.

      I come to find that more and more players are reporting the same problems as I.  What do you do?  Well logically as the consumers we are today we know we can return exchange for defective reasons, but it's open software it's against the copyright law to return so you may only exchange the product, and only exchange it for the same thing.  How is my product guarantee going to make it work properly if every disc on this platform will do the same thing?

      I've heard a few different technical explanation for the reason, 1. product is too advanced, device needs upgrading to newer platform to avoid freezing.  2. coding on product differs from Microsoft platform and hence why coding freezes on Sony PS3 platforms.  3.  Xbox users pay more for their products and subscriptions and this is why our Sony product is inferior. 

     So who do we go to? BBB, Gaming Counsel? who should take responsibility for companies that are allowed to sell product that claims it works and does not.  We are either forced to upgrade BUY another system or just deal with your product not working every other time, while you just blew 70 dollars of your hard earned check to check cash.   Not including all the years of games I've collected, in series on not only the Sony Platform but others as well, 

     How can Treyarc and Activision and Sony produce the same subpart product over and over, without any punishment when they do not deliver.   The promise of errors fixes that are never completed and customer are taken for their money again.  I see fat cat owners, developers, engineers making 3 more times the average person, while game testers are being laid off, these gentlemen get raises and bonuses for product sales, releases, and completion.  Yet on Sony's platform the games are not fixed while Xbox patches are being released,

      I cannot count the enumerous times I've purchased products that just wasn't what I thought.   You thought you were paying for more upgraded graphic engines, smother motions, better faces, better movements and hit detections.  Less lag and speed corruption while playing and better maps.  False advertisement?, or did someone decide they just didn't care what the other 600,000 customers of this game went through to purchase and play this game.     

Where's my Nuketown Map Sony not only needs to release the intended map, but also refund my money and include the number of years subscription for every game of mine that I own that won't load right or freezes from time to time,  I will not be conspired against  There are more than one platform in the world Xbox is not the only one.  I should not be forced manipulated or sold a product and then be told I should upgrade my system or switch my platform to be able to purchase a game.  I feel so betrayed and led astray that after avoiding the Xbox 360 since it's inception now I must purchase one and own this platform.  I would like to be able to buy a game that will load and not freeze and have the map I originally wanted available.  Also since it will be a late Christmas present I won't be able to show Sony I've switched.

      I've spent thousands of hours not only reveling in Sony product but also applauding their awesomeness, but as the economy falls I see that all tiers of leadership do as well because It is no longer the Sony I admired. It has failed to address any of my concerns as a consumer over the last few years.  I cannot have maintenance and cleaning service done easily and inexpensively, I cannot add warranties after they expire, I am force to consume and discard perfectly excellent working technology because our method of updating and production is excessive and our Government won't help regulate and recycle on a larger scale holding companies such as Sony more responsible.

      We might let this happen but our own officials don't care that this is also happening to them.  They go to the store, they buy these products for their kids, they hear the same complaint but the tech has either surpassed their understanding or do not give any credence or respect to these areas of interest like gaming, mobile technology, mobile communication.  If you have a problem you complain to a store rep that you bought it from? really not the company your money is going to?  I wish someone would petition with me post a copy of your receipt with clips of game play and freezes on your ps3 and with actual pictures of your Sony products Treyarc and Activision software as well.  I want these guys to see how much each and every one of us spend on the Playstation games and systems.  Will these guys give us and answer then or does this have to be taken before a supreme court before anyone will listen to us? 

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Re: Platform Conspiracy?

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Every platform is trying destroy the competetion, and it is not a conspriacy because this is not a secret. Look at how Xbox gets the DLC first, and everyone knows it's because Mircosoft cut Activision a big fat check.

You do know the Sony bonds are rated as junk bonds, right? This means Sony has the worst credit score a company can have. This is because Sony is going bankrupt.

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Re: Platform Conspiracy?

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There is no conspiracy. The ps3 uses a beefer GPU but the draw back of it being is much harder to program for which is the reason why cross platform games are designed on the xbox then ported over, poorly I might add.

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Re: Platform Conspiracy?

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     So the system with more capability suffers because it's easier to program on the dumber one?  Figures.

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Re: Platform Conspiracy?

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the sad truth is any game that is ported is done so half arsed its insulting to gamers.

just look at skyrim the devs lied through there teeth to sell that to use.. "dedicated PS3 team"

"runs as smooth as xbox" all lies.. it still runs like crap. the frame rate can drop below 20 in certain places it can freeze anytime.

it angers me to no end. personally id like to see sony more active when a game performs poorly on there platform. but really it isnt upto sony the devs should take pride in ther jobs to make sure the game runs as smooth as it can on all platforms..... never guna happen tho.

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Re: Platform Conspiracy?

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that's fucked up

i'm not surprised all the platform games are xbox watered down version godamn FUCK XBOX

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Re: Platform Conspiracy?

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BLOPs11 Development has nothing to do with Sony and every Sony Exclusive is Alpha & Beta code tested live on the PSN well before release.

You have no idea what you are talking about....

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Re: Platform Conspiracy?

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1. product is too advanced, device needs upgrading to newer platform to avoid freezing.

2. coding on product differs from Microsoft platform and hence why coding freezes on Sony PS3 platforms.

The PS3 out performs the XBOX in raw power, so point 1 is invalid if it doesn't freeze XBOX, It's simple really, we don't have a dedicated team working on PS3, it's just a port over from XBOX, which is why the game plays nicer on that console.


On a plus side it's said that the PS4 is just as easy a developing as it is on the PC, so who knows we might get it a bit betterr when next gens hit the shelf.

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