PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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I agree. On the 13th I was loving this game.. there was lag here and there but not like it is now.

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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im sick of people haveing food stamp internet myself. i will me shooting a guy and he has time to lay down get back up make a grilled cheeze sandwich and still get me with 2 bullets only happens everyone once in a while but never happend on mw3 or the old black ops. my gess is that it has allot to do with the servers not bing up to snuff but just a guess.

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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Some people have no choice but to have "food stamp" internet as you call it, have a little respect. Not every place on earth has top of the line internet speeds you know.

Not from cheaping out either, its just not available in all areas.

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

Myself and two other guys were in a party together and we started a game on Hijacked (boat) before this game we were doing great with 5 straight TDM wins.  So we started the match and after my second death I said over the mic we are in trouble and we aren't going to win because the delay was so bad from my viewing and the kill cam.  And so we plugged on taking the loss on the chin.  After the beating Hijacked was voted again, however a couple of people have left the lobby and a couple more came in.  I had a bad feeling again, but we went ahead and played the nearly same enemies on the other team.  After my second kill I knew the host was one of the people who had left and a new host was now in charge.  We dominated and I went something like 16-9 the second game compared to my 4-12 the first game.  I'm about a 1.50 k/d.  I have come to know that lag exists from the style of network COD games run however I have never experienced to be this extreme as far as one end of the scale to the other,  oddly enough I havent seen this much inconstincy since black ops 1, coincidence?  I think not.

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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really? did you not play MW3?

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

Im glad i read this. I was about to snap my BO2 cd in half after going 5-30 4-20 game after game. Im not the greatest player but im better than that. I was wondering why i would see them shot like crazy and die from a few shots. Then watch kill cam and im not even shooting. I was told to change my settings to pick only the best internet connection games. It seem to help.

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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What settings do you change to pick better Internet game connections?

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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I agree - some games you shoot people and you kill them as you would expect and then some games you empty a magazine into them with a SMG and they raise their gun and shoot you. Kill Cam shows no red on their screen at all and yet I've clearly shot first and with enough firepower to drop him.

I've even come up behind people and started shooting from like 10 ft away and they turn round and shoot me..

Really frustrating. I'm not the best player in the world, however, kills I would have easily made in MW3 are just not being counted in BO2...

Please, please fix this as you have some very very frustrated customers who loyally follow your games...

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

I've just watched some videos on Youtube with other people 'suffering' from lag compensation. I swear if their's was bad, my lag compensation has been to hell twice and mutated into the crap I have to try and call multiplayer. I really hope this is address. I thought MW3 was bad, but this is simply shocking!

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Re: PS3 lag compensation is broken!

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i do not know why people are still talking about lag compensation. We all have seen what David V said on reddit, nothing is going to change since there are no problems for him.

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