PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.03 Patch]

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

120GB slim

East Coast USA

Started after loading disc first day and installing intial game update.

Well my Slim 120 GB is toast.

When this started after loading the BO2 disc and installing the initial update I was able to reboot and get on for a few hours here and there but it kept happening so I stopped trying and went back to Balck Ops and Madden without issue.

The Black Ops ! started doing the same thing but Madden worked fine.

Now My system won't stay on at all as soon as I try to load any disc it shuts off.

I had to buy a new PS3 and I'm stuck with a game disc that I might as well play becuase I can't get a refund from Best Buy.

Let me know when the Class Action begins because I am in!

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PS3 Slim 320gb

No modifications

Freezes during loading screen to multi-player matches, and after kill cams before joining lobby.

Malden, Massachusetts 

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Ps3 120gb slim

Amsterdam, holland

Freezes when loading a multiplayer match.

Just asking.. When is this gonna stop, 4 times in maybe 2 hours make me absolutly crazy.

Not a little bit crazy but REALY crazy..

If I destroy my ps3 because of this, cod creators pay for me a new one?

Have a nice day and i hope ffs you guys do something.. Ciao bella (K)

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Guys posting about freezes on Slim systems need to go to the appropriate thread. This thread is for SHUT DOWN not freeze. They are 2 seperate issues effecting 2 seperate types of console so please dont load this thread with your freezing problems.

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so my PS3 has been shutting down constantly mid match...and now my PS3 is fried! its lost all content on the HDD. Will be filing a complaint and hopefully recieve some kind of compensation for my PS3 from Activision

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Why do you think you are entitled to anything from Activision.  They have known about this problem since launch.  Have not issued any warning to anyone purchasing this defective product and knowinlgy let Fat PS3 users fry their consoles.   I have said they should at least issue a warning, but then that admits fault.  And we can count on Foxhound to delete anything that is said against this company because he gets compensated in beta programs and free games.  It is a lost cause.  And it will get worse come xmas when a whole new crop of users discover that this has been going on since launch.

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original fat 60gb ps3 CECHA01 United States.

System repeatedly shuts off at random while playing multiplayer matches.

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My playstation won't even start, and if so, an error message pops up. sometimes i can't even turn it back off without unplugging the power cord/ it will beep three times and blink for 5 hours before it gets burning hot and i have to cut the power. When I did the suggested action: to download the new update online using a flash drive, the playstation wouldn't even read the memory drive.

i have a year-old playstation (compact), in west michigan.

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Funny how the freezing never happened to me while playing Modern Warfare 2 or 3. Both this BO as well as the previous caused severe freezes and crashes for me. Hopefully this ps3 will keep running opposed to my previous fat version. If not, I might try suing them

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New update for the PS3 scheduled for tonight at 11pm/PST. 360 to follow this weekend...more details to come.

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