PS3: Console Shutdowns. [Post 1.03 Patch]

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

- What type of PS3 do you have = FAT PS3

- Any user modifications to your console = None

- When and where does this happen = Played the campaign, half an hour in the ps3 shuts down and hasn't turned on since..

yeah it bricked my console

- What region you are in + Blu-Ray Code = CECHG01

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Type: Original fat 60gb system 

No modifications made to the system

Mostly happens during Black Ops 2 in the campaign mostly in the level "Old Wounds" but also the first mission. Only once for the multiplayer but only played it once, happened 3 matches in. Middle of game/match each time. The light starts blinking red until touched and when turned on I have to secure corrupt files or something like that.

East Coast, US

Another code: CECHE01

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Type of Ps3 - Fat 80 Gig with four usb ports

Modifications- No

When and where- when i get on BO2 at random times

Region+blu ray code- US, BLUS 31011

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Ps3 type: original "fat" 60gb                                                                                                                             Modifications: none.                                                                                                                                      Where and when: only on black ops 2 and at random times. It's happened in multiplayer and zombies online.    Region and blu ray code: England/UK and BLES 01717.

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Mandatory INFO

-80gb original ps3 (fat) 4usb

-No Mods

-This happens when I am playing a game in any multiplayer mode. Usually happens either at the beginning, middle, or end of the match. It's happens randomly when I am in the match.

-I'm in Florida, U.S. and the Blu-Ray code is BLUS 31011

Optional INFO

-I don't have video of it, but others have posted video proof of it happening and the same thing that happens in their video happens to me.

-I have opened a support ticket.

-No I didn't encounter the prompt to send a report to Sony.

When the ps3 shuts off, the red light keeps blinking and there are 3 beeps. When I turn the system back on, it says it wasn't tuned off properly last time, so I click ok and then it says it needs to check for corrupt data on the hdd and I click ok. After it finishes that everything is ok. I haven't lost any data from the hdd. When the ps3 turns off it only happens with black ops 2. The system is clean and free of dust. It has never overheated. I've had the system since Christmas of 2007 and I never had a problem until this game. I have over 20 games for the ps3 and the only game that causes this to happen is black ops 2.

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I have read hundreds of theese and I could not of said it any better,that is exactly what is happing to my 80 gig fat 4 usb back/comp. Works fine on my new 500 gig after patch 1.0.3

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80gb Backwards Compatible, 4 USB ports, Launch model

No mods

It happens seemingly at random. Yesterday I was actually able to play for a few hours at a time before the crashing. Today, I wasn't able to finish a game.

US BLUS31011

No video, but what has been posted is the exact same thing that happens for me. Before the patch I could play against bots okay for a while, but nothing else. After the patch, actual multiplayer was working okay. Now I can't seem to do anything.

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20 GB original FAT PS3 4 USB

No mods

Happens in any game mode, online or offline after 5-10 mins of gameplay

Im located in NY and not sure where to find the Blue-Ray code.

Same thing happenign as others and the videos posted.

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-PS3 Original 60 GB Fat model.

-No modfications

- Happens after starting a game of zombies or multiplayer, it shuts down within like 2 minutes of playing.

- Florida, US BLUS31011

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Mandatory Information to Include

- What type of PS3 do you have. -- The original 80GB PS3 w/ 4 USB ports, backwards compatible.

- Any user modifications to your console. -- None whatsoever. It's been very lightly and delicately used and cared for.

- When and where does this happen. -- When and only when I try to play Black Ops 2. Every other game, DVD or Blu-Ray I've ever put into this console has worked fine for years.

- What region you are in + Blu-Ray Code -- I'm in North America, New England, Connecticut. CECHE01 (Not sure what this means, but that's the code from what I've been able to decipher looking on Google - it's next to the serial number on the back of the PS3.

Optional Information to Include

- Any video of the documented issue. --

- If you have opened up a support ticket with Activision Customer Support [Yes or No] -- No. I reached out via Twitter and this forum because in my experience in the past, support tickets get nowhere and this is a fairly critical issue to me considering I spent $60 on this game and it's unplayable for me - and the retailer (Gamestop) won't return it because it's opened. I'm hoping this feedback, video and information will lead to me either getting my money back (happy to send the game back) or more importantly and the way I'd love for this to go - for y'all to implement a fix that will allow me to enjoy the game I spent my money on that I've been hearing rave reviews about.

- If you have encountered a prompt from the system and submitted a crash report to Sony. [Yes or No]

-- No - there is never a prompt for an error / crash report, there is no error number or anything like this. (See video) It crashes and then says it needs to do a file system restore due to not being shut off properly.

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