One of those nights ;(

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I've seriously been trying to get into my rhythm ALL day, but just can't seem to find it... I haven't had a good game all day, and my K.D has dropped about 10 points just in the past couple of games.... Anyone else have days like this??

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Haha! I'm with ya man, except its not one of those days, it's one of those months.

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i have been awful today just one of does days.

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Yea, one of those days....

     But i figured after midnight it wouldnt be so bad given that all the pre teens hopped up on redbull would pass out around then leaving this game to be somewhat playable....

     Seems to have worked, its actually easy to find games now.....and less team killings

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errrr, its dxp weekend, you should of expected this.

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Yea I know, but it's never been this bad for me before... It's gotten to the point where I just simply shut it off before I broke something haha... Trying to play this game has been so frustrating today

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I haven't touched this game in 2 weeks but decided to take advantage of the double XP played for about 10 mins and immediately went back to playing Assassin's Creed.

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