Okay this is weird - bot related

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I'm sure most of you ignore the bot mode in this game but I figured I'd throw this out there. Unlike the last game, you can only have 9 bots as opposed to 11. I'm going to assume this is due to the massively improved A.I. which is undoubtedly more processor-intensive, (mind you we get 15 super intelligent bots in Killzone's botzone but I won't complain).

     Anyway, for some odd reason, in one match I was able to put in 11 bots, making it a traditional 6 vs. 6. I even double-checked the scoreboard and sure enough there were 12 "players" in the match including myself. I naturally assumed I had been doing something wrong before when I could only get 9 bots, however, I have not been able to replicate this. Aside from that one match, I have not been able to get 11 bots again.

   Anyone else notice any oddities? The only others I've seen is that enemy bots seem to not know how to play HQ. I shut them out every single time. Plus in KC, they seem oblivious to tags. They only seem to pick them up if they happen to be in the direct route they are currently taking. KC scores usually end up in the 75-25 range for my team, (with me picking up most of those). Other than that they are freakin' brilliant compared to the last game.

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