*OFFICIAL*List of Confirmed and Speculated guns

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hey guys don't know if anybody posted this yet so thought I'd start it.

This discussion is for listing Confirmed or Roumored/Speculated guns. Please feel free to post any guns I may have miss.

Thank you and for a quick note I haven't seen the vid in a while so I'm sure though my list will start small it will grow.

Assault Rifles:M16A1/A4 or a future Varient.


Pistol's:Look's like a future M9?(Looks MassEffect-ish lol).

Like I said I'm sorry this list is pathetic right now so let's make it grow!

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The only confirmed gun I know of is what I think is a variant on the XM8 assault rifle made by H&K that Mason's son is holding in many shots of the reveal trailer. Can't this kind of thread wait anyway until their marketing program is in full swing and more trailers have been released - hardly any information's out at the moment.

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