Black Ops II PlayStation 3

We need to go ahead and remove any guns that aren't SMG's because they are obviously just gonna keep spraying and running rampant with them.  No point in trying to battle against them with anything else.  You try to snipe them they have 5 friends come and spray you down.  You try and gun with them with AR's and you lose miserably. 

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I do just fine using AR's at the moment. I am currently working on the swat to get it gold. I am pretty even with my k/d so I think you are wrong.

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I haven't been using anything but AR's this last week. I went gold with the M-TAR max out on it's prestige limit and my K/D has climbed. I've also been using every AR except the SMR, and been having great matches. I'm not comfortable with any SMG.

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MTAR with target finder silencer and adjustable stock is a great anticamper weapon

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