Next Call of Duty: World at War 2 ?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

hey guys, MW4 will be released in 2015, so ¿what games will be released in 2013 - 2014?


- World at War 2

- Black Ops 3

i hope Cod needs a new Style, need something New in the wars

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I know yh I was sayin for bo3 they polish the game like far cry 3 that game is very polished and they should update the zombies graphics in bo3 make it more polished and better graphics and new gameplay and mechanics gameplay and the zombies eyes yellow and 4 new characters and new wonder weapons

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And halo 4 beat bo2 in graphics campaign and multiplayer that is why I am telling treyarch to polish bo3 make the graphics better u see activision when u don't change your engine u miss out that is y I made loads of ideas for bo3

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where did you get your information that iw will be releasing their game in 2015?

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new consoles will be here by then so who know's

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