New Video And Need FeedBack?!

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Yo guys i recently posted my first youtube video and i was wondering if i could get some advice. Its a new clan montage and i need some feedback. Is the video could. What would you imoprove and how can i improve it. This is the first video up which is why i will probably not post something like this again. All feedback will be added into the next video i will put it. But i can't tell you when and what its about as i think thats against the forum rules. My main question is what would you improve? Thx for the feedback. #BeastImpact


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Make sure you've read these: YouTube & Streaming Guidelines. You cannot post your video in multiple sub-forums (crossposting) and you need to tell us what the video is about, and include a full written summary of the contents of the video.

PM me if you have any questions. This information was pointed out to you previously.

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