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New Glitch??

So I saw on youtube, a video of someone using more than 10 points in their class, they had: a gun, primary gunfighter, three attachments, and all 6 perks. I was just letting you guys know to check when  you're playing and report them.

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Re: New Glitch??

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It's not a glitch. You can get all six perks and a base weapon with no attachments. The second you kill some one, you pick up their weapon and in all likeliness, they'll have at least 2 attachments. You can even pick up a secondary weapon. Anyone can do this.

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Re: New Glitch??

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The guy on the video loaded out with 6 perks and a weapon with 3 attachments, i seen the video last night.

And when he died he still had the same setup.

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Re: New Glitch??

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I saw the same vid it was posted here a few days ago and you can clearly see all six perks plus two attacments and so on.

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Re: New Glitch??

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7umm u can do that on custom games u can set it up to where u can have up to 17 points  per class

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