Network Address Translation Problems (NAT)

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Network Address Translation Problems (NAT)

In most call of duty games like Modern warfare 2, Black ops and Modern warfare 3 i have always had perfect nat settings (Open) but on Black ops2 i have a problem with it and its turned to strict and is impossible to change back to open without inserting my mw2 disk first, Which says i have open but i clearly don't because it just goes back to strict next time i play the game. What is up with the servers and when are treyarch/activision gonna fix it?

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Re: Network Address Translation Problems (NAT)

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BT Home Hub by any chance?

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Re: Network Address Translation Problems (NAT)

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I had a Belkin N+ wireless modem router

All my call of duty games were NAT type strict and it was a real bother

My suggestion?

1. Ring up your ISP and ask for technical support ad ask if they have blocked any ports for your IP

2. If they haven't, it could be your router (my Belkin was 3 years old and it wasn't using port forwarding/DMZ/upnp

I got myself a new N600 netgear wireless router

I set up the wifi in 2 minutes, set up with ps3 on the wifi with a static IP address and my NAT was automatically 'open' for all games

After 5 days I had 'moderate' but I went into WAN settings and set the NAT filtering to 'open' instead of 'secured' and it's stayed back at open ever since

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