Nerfing and Buffing Discussion...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

So the game has been out for almost a week and it is starting to come clear which weapons that needs to be nerfed and which ones that need to be buffed.. I know a lot of people have an opinion on this subject, so now you have a chance to speak your mind about your experiences in the game so far weapon-vise..

So I just his level 55 yesterday and playing the pretty large number of matches that is required to reach maximum level some things have become very clear for me.

So in my opinion the following weapons needs a nerf:

MP7 (of course)

Type 25


M93 ("Raffica" secondary)

Not really any that needs a buff in my opinion except the SVU sniper rifle since it is glitched (hit detection is messed up)

What do you guys think needs to be buffed and nerfed in this amazing game (at least when it works )

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