Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hey Guys i recently got bo2 yesterday and been playing it since but my nats strict and i cant really join my friends ive tryed Dmz Host upnp and when i do port fowarding i get moderate but i still cant join friends what should i do ? Btw Its on ps3

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You didn't port forward the right ports, or the firewall on your router is not working right. Personally I have had mine off for over 3 years and no problems different strokes for different folks though, I just use a firewall on my PC.

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what kind router you got make sure the ps3 ip address matches the ip of the dmz ip ur using look it up on youtube

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Hey man,

I work in IT but am not really savy with the firewall side of things. Anyway I had a strict NAT on my PS3 with the same issues as you. I followed a few different posts and boom sorted it.

1. On my PS3 I went to Internet Connection Settings and manually set a static IP address

     - Because my router leases out IP addresses in the range ( - I chose the         IP of (as it is in the range and I wont have 20 devices connecting to my router).

     - Subnet was

     - Default Router was the IP of my router so

     - Primary DNS the same as my Default Router above

2. Now we will all have different modems/routers so the next step will differ a wee bit

     - Log into your router by using your laptop/PC and web browser. In the address bar you type your      routers IP address (this was underneath my router).

     - Throw in your username and password, which is often admin, admin or something like that

     - Once logged in I went to Advanced Settings > NAT (try and look for a page that says something about port forwarding)

      - I put in the port numbers as SHOWN BELOW and rebooted my modem

Call of Duty Black OPs 2 3074 3074 TCP/UDP 3074 3074 pppoa0
Call of Duty Black OPs 2 4500 4500 TCP/UDP 4500 4500 pppoa0
Call of Duty Black OPs 2 3478 3479 TCP/UDP 3478 3479 pppoa0
Call of Duty Black OPs 2 3658 3658 TCP/UDP 3658 3658 pppoa0

Hope this helps you. I tried a few different forums with different port numbers. Im not 100% what ports are the ones that work but I cant be bothered checking and it works.

Once my modem was rebooted I started up BO2 and was all good. Now im not up to scratch with the risks of opening these ports. Perhaps someone with a bit more knowhow can school us.

Let me know how you get on.

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