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nuketown is the best map and it should be in black ops 2

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It should be edited becease everyone likes changes.

Another and better easteregg like the Models comeing to life.

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New easter egg.

All models turn into zombies and chase the enemy.

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Nuketown is the #1 worst map in the entire CoD franchise. It's a map made entirely for spawncamping, and it's also the most unbalanced map I've ever seen.

I had to play Nuketown last night, at least 3 seperate times I spawned, dropped prone and started firing, and got enough kills for Napalm before dying (once I even got my SR71)

Which of course is why only the people who really suck at the game love Nuketown. They don't like the maps where they need skill, reflexes, and intelligence. They just want to sit in a corner spawnraping the enemy.

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Though you might have a point, this map is by far the most popular map on BO. I have yet to see it get passed over in a map vote after 21 months of playing. I doubt Treyarch chose it randomly for 24/7 playlists.

For me it's an easy way to get contracts done with in one or two matches and it's just fun and hectic. If the spawn trapping gets to bad, I leave. Easy as that.

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The map is fun....that's why it is a favorite. It's small, cqc most of the time. Most action packed map I have seen in a COD.

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I have some ideas for Nuketown:

- Classic Nuketown

- Nuketown extended: The part next to the classis map is opened up.

- Nuketown 2.0: The Nuke-Shelters are opened up, so you have underground combat.

If you would have all the 3 maps (which would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E), you can have a permanent Nuketown 24/7 playlist with these 3 maps!

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quite honestly, i don't see the big deal in Nuketown. i personally dislike that map, way too freakin' small. i like larger maps like Jungle or Launch. if Nuketown gets voted in, i leave the lobby, so it's that simple really. I HIGHLY doubt they'll make it part of the maps that come with the game. maybe in a map pack yes, but i would be buying that map pack for the other maps, not Nuketown.

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lol if im in a lobby with my clan everyone tells the leader to ragequit if its nuketown- unless its on search

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i hate nuketown everyone always camps in the houses and i have to rush them to get them out

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