NERF THE MSMC JUST [Removed by Moderator.]

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

nope i just cant play it, every match i play im only killed by smgs and primarily the stupid msmc

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The only thing I disagree with is the fact that the MSMC uses the same size ammo as an AR 5.56 it is a newer designed gun to be lighter, faster, and more accurate than the regular assault rifle.  So as long as it does the same damage as the rest of the AR's I have no problem with it.  But I do have a problem with people using laser sights hip-firing 20-30yards away with an SMG and not missing a single shot.  I do have a problem with my M8A1 taking 3 bursts to kill someone in a gun fight.  What is the point of having single shot and burst rifles on the game when they are outclassed by everything.  You know?

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Profanity in the title is a no-go. No matter how constructive the discussion is or could have been, the title gets it locked. Please make better choices in the future.

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