NERF THE MSMC JUST [Removed by Moderator.]

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

im sure everyone will agree that the msmc is exactly the sameas the mp7 from mw3, im trying to use lmgs and assualt rifles but nope that gun has no recoil and very high damage again every goddamn cod game theres an overpowered smg







get it nerfed now the christ sake and btw didnt reallly break my disc im not a stupid moneywaster

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I think the Black Ops 2 MP7 is more powerful and better than the MSMC. I used to primarily use Assault Rifles on every other COD - but it's clear to me that SMG's are the thing to use on Black Ops 2. If you can't beat 'em ...... join 'em! I still fool with Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, but only with the Overkill Wildcard pairing them with a Sub Machine Gun!

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no point the game is proper ruined by smgs, i honestly cant use my mk48 without being outclassed by it in everyway it does more damage aims faster strafes faster tighter hipfire

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Well okay, you've ruled out the moneywaster part, but I think stupid is still up for debate.

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talk about stupid mr 2725 posts, go outside for once eh?

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I don't agree, sorry. 

MSMC has higher damage  than most of the SMGs, but it also has one of the slowest rates of fire.  Face to face straight up with a Scorpion, I would take the Evo. 

It may be one of the best SMGs or even the best, but it doesn't win in every situation.  

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I used to think Smg's were the only thing you had to choose aswell, untill i found the SMR, make that baby full auto and dont run around the map like a madman and you'll take those Smg users out with ease.

It all comes down to changing the way you play, if you prefer using Assault rifles then dont expect to be rushing the maps you play on because Smg's will win everytime.

The only thing annoying me about this game now is the damn lag, once that is sorted ill start enjoying it alot more.

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Another retarded post. The msmc isn't even close to being overpowered lmao. FAIL!!!!

The recoil is terrible on the gun and the fire rate isn't the best either. So it evens out. Why don't you stop playing the game?

The ump45 from mw2 wasn't overpowered. It wasn't even the best smg. The mini Uzi was the best.

The ak74u got nerfed soo much in Bo that it became a terrible gun.

The mp7 in mw3 got nerfed also. And it was terrible after the nerf. It was worse then the mp5.

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Yeah the MSMC is nothing special over the other SMGs. The Assault rifles could do with a buff & the first shotgun needs nurfing.Oh and the LAG NEEDS FIXING!

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The problem with your thoughts is I can already tell that you always used the MP7, MP40, MP5, AK74.  The only people that don't complain about those guns are the ones that used them non-stop. 

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