My multiplayer feedback....

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I created an account just so I could post on this board. 

This game is GARBAGE!  I have never been so disappointed in a game and I have been playing games since the Atari generation.  I cannot believe that a company would develop and release a broken, half finished game like this.  The only way this game is playable is if your offline.  Treyarch and Activision, you should be absolutely ashamed of this half assed, half completed piece of trash.  I tried to like this game, but I can' sucks.

I fully understand that no game is perfect when released.  However, this is embarassing.  Not getting into games, console freezes, lag compensation, never ending team balancing, the list goes on and on.  Are you reading any of your posts on here, twitter, youtube, facebook?  Or are you too busy making more stupid t-shirts and BO2 official controllers and headsets?  MAybe take some of the money that you guys put into marketing this game with the multitude of cheap merchandise, or having celebrities in your commercials, and actually put it into a game that that doesn't suck.  Too far fetched?  Sorry....

Bottom line is.....this is unacceptable.  I know people will say "don't worry, they will fix it, eventually"  To that, I say bullshit.  I don't go and buy a car and then half to wait while they build the engine that should have been there in the first place.  I know, let's go to McDonald's, order and value meal, but then half to wait a week or two before you can have your drink or fries.  If you purchased any other product in the world that failed this bad, you would get a full refund.

On the note of failing.....I wish I could go to my job and suck as bad as you guys do and put out a substandard product and still have a job tomorrow.  This definitely will be my last COD game.  They just get worse and worse and more broken every year. 

Unsatisfied doesn't even come close to explain my feelings...........

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i can totally understand your frustration.

The game is near unplayable in its current state, one can only hope they fix it sooner rather than later.

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And now they have spent time taking out Nuketown, creating more grief for the community, while doing nothing to fix server or lag compensation issues. 

I don't even have suitable insult that would fully satisfy my disgust in your companies right now.

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This. I'm not annoyed they've removed Nuketown (I haven't even managed to get online yet!!!).

I'm annoyed that they can put time or resources or f*cking ANYTHING into changing any aspect of the game other than the multiplayer. There are still THOUSANDS (possibly hundreds of thousands) of users that can't even access the multiplayer feature.

Absolutely disgusted. Words can not even describe how very disappointed I am in Treyarch (I have supported them since day one, their black ops 1 servers at the moment are almost flawless, but at least Infinity Ward release games that work).

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The games used to run fine until the first BO. Something new was added and has screwed up the three games that have come out since then. Connection wise, that is. Elite seems to be a complete waste of time and money and was also introduced at the same time. That seems the most likely culprit.

Trearch has been making COD games since, what, 2006? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and think they'll fix this incomplete, unplayable pile of feces they dumped on us, but I have zero faith in their ability to do so. At least I didn't waste any more money on Elite, so they only robbed me for $60.

The whole franchise has lost it's way and it's ability to make a playable game. I hope it goes the way of the Twinkie and dinosaurs and just dies off.

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I don't think it was Elite because in Blops 1 it was only beta and that didn't start till over half way through the games life. The only other two features that Blops 1, MW3 and Blops 2 all have that the others don't is split screen multiplayer and Theatre Mode. I would personally say Theatre Mode was the culprit but know one really knows.

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I can relate to you're frustration. Although the first few days of playing multiplayer I began to think it was the best CoD I've played, but the latest patch they released (PS3) has reduced the game to utter sh*t. I would understand a few hit markers an deaths every now and again but now it just feels like im charging in with a paintball gun. They better release a patch SOON or it'll be the last Treyarch hear from me.

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