My First Impression Good and Bad

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

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So last night was a bit of a flop couldn't get into any matches, finally got a party going on zombies and got kicked from the game at level 14 very annoying.

On the plus side when we finally got onto online services we played some private sticks and stones and gun games with a full lobby of 18 clan members, got to know the maps and the guns a bit more.

Starting to get a bit frustrated now that some people can get online others can't me being one if them, if I do I get kicked half way though the game.

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Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

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It was all good for me for the first few days. Then Lag Compensation owned me big time.

Today, while playing Nuketown 2025. I kept on spawning infront of a Guardian over and over again. Getting killed immediately after that.

It's going downhill. I'm staying only for the Zombies now.

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Re: My First Impression Good and Bad

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After i got the game to load and play

So far  i like it better than MW3, the graphics are good, maybe just a little under MW3 but 10 stories above  the orginal black ops,

The game sounds do not work well if i am listing to them thru my home theater system, the voices are hard to hear, but i havent tried changing any of the settings yet,  Sounds and voices do project well if i am using my sony headset

I do like the option of being able to select my online game search parameters, i keep mine set to the best connection option, which does take longer to find a game but reduces the lag problems, when playing solo, .....lag does become an issue if i am a party leader, but not as bad as MW3

I am glad to see hardcore being hardcore meaning if you shoot your teammate they die, ,,this makes you more careful before pulling the trigger or throwing that grenade

I do hope in the future Kill Confirmed will be added to the Hardcore playlist

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