Most shitty-est CoD-CTF fans lookie

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


(long read, TLDR at bottom)

This has got to be the most shitty-est CoD I have ever played.

I know you guys wanted to make this CoD, less campy and more kills, but you totally destroyed CTF and leveling up on this game.

First part-CTF:

Maps are okay, but why so open? It's a hassle to defend the flag with their being multiple ways of accessing it. I play CTF in BO and MW3 24/7, but with the way you decided to design the maps now in CTF, I rather play another game mode or only play with friends in CTF, and that saying something since I usually ran solo in BO/MW3 and would always be on the top of the team.

Only improvement I like it, there is no delay in returning, capping, picking up the flags, bravo.

Second part-Leveling up:

Now lets talk about leveling up.

Unlocking guns? Okay

Unlocking guns attachments? Okay

Unlocking scorestreaks? Okay

Unlocking perks?, not okay, lets talk about why this is

The perk that everyone loves to hate, yet always uses, Ghost is only avaible once you reach the max level of 55, don't sound to bad right? Let campers work for that ability to hide from UAVs, no problems with that, BUT UAVs are unlocke at the beginning and you only need 350 points to use it in game, wonderful huh? No.

It's a pain playing ANY game mode without ghost, UAVs are constantly up, one after the other after the other, its frustrating that enemy player know your location all the time when you trying to do well.

Statements I'm sure some people are going to make to argue against me.

"Shut up noob, just keep playing and unlock ghost and stop your bitching"

Good point, and that what I'm doing, but hard to get kills or go for objectives when you get shot 3-5 foot from your spawn or when you go through a doorway.

"Just use counter UAV and stop being a derp-b-derp"

Why havn't I thought of this? Oh wait I have. Country UAV isn't unlocked till level 33, while UAV is at level 7, making the difference between the two, 26 levels, before I can block out the UAV. Let's not also forget how many points you need to unlock CUAV 600 points, 250 more than UAV(350), it don't sound like much, but when you going up against a enemy team that is constantly throwing up UAVs and stopping you before you can even get a UAV, its pretty much not looking in your favor.

"Shoot down the UAVs and move on nerb"

Of course, shooting down the UAVs is a smart move, but it take awhile to locate the UAVs then shoot it down with your launcher, not to mention the fact while you looking up at a sky like a class A idiot someone already killed you, stopping you from shooting down their UAV. I take my chances playing till I reach ghost.

If not for these 2 things about CoD, it would be a pretty fun game to play, but I'm regretting even buying this game. Treyarch you dropped the ball, now back to grinding for ghost.


Ghost shouldn't be unlocked at level 55.

CTF maps are design making it harder to defend the flags, poor choice.

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