Most XP in ONE round?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Over the double XP weekend I had a round where I earned 36K in XP in one round playing TDM. 36,000 exactly.

I am sure people have gotten more which made me curious.

What is the most you have earned in one round of play?

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In TDM this weekend 33.5k in one round was my highest

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A whooping 87k this weekend! The most I think I have ever gotten in one round. Headquarters on Nuketown. I am an average player, so numbers like that stick out lol.

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completed 3 major challenges and got tons of assists, 52 kills, points from destroying enemy equipment, 2 stealth chops, 2 lodestars, and the most confirmed and denied kills in a round of KC last night!

needless to say...i stopped playing and went to bed smiling

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I hit 39k this weekend.

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Had a kill confirmed match on Turbine where I did a lot of challenges in one game. Got 107k during double xp weekend

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jeez dude!  you outta post that vid for all the world to

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Earned 644178 xp in 1 game of killcomfirmed. This was not even on double xp weekend

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Got 120k exp first time they had 2xp. I actually got lucky since the game was still new, people still didnt know what guns were good easy to use, perks etc. So i got lucky in HQ in nuketown i had call in my first swarm k9 and vtol. And since i keept completing challanges my exp would go up. I doubt i can get this high exp anymore.

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