More Prestiges to come??

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I've heard Treyarch are gonna do what IW done with MW3 and introduce further Prestiges somewhere along the line.

Because of the 12th Prestige glitch we know there is more Prestige badges on the disc.

I suppose a lot of Prestige Masters will end up 11th level 1 when/if it starts? (If they choose to do so...)

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im stopping at prestige 10.

same sign with roman numbers i dont really care about.

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I really really hope not.

On mw3 i was prestige 10 for several weeks before they announced 11to 15 was coming out.

In that time id done a massive amount of the perks,precision and humiliation challenges and was slightly pissed i had to do them all again.

I could have not prestiged but once i have a few beers in me,i just cant resist that prestige button.

Im prestige 8 level 40 just now and finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.Im looking forward to having the freedom of having everything unlocked permanently.

Surely their are other areas in the game(bugs,glitches,matchmaking)their time would be better spent,instead of creating more levels that arnt neccessary.

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I really hope they don't. I'm prestige 8 level 49, and it's been some hard work to get here. I stopped playing mw3 when they started adding prestiges. I mean they made prestige master for god sakes, are they just gonna keep calling the prestiges , prestige master 1 and 2 and so on. I hope they leave them where they are at. Don't make the mistake mw3 did.

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If they add more prestiges won't that undermine the whole 'prestige master' rank

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Going to stop where I am prestige master next emblem shows one from Black Ops why would I want one from there it's just silly

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