Black Ops II PlayStation 3

So I was looking at my games from last night, and wonder if the scores on these are due to the way matchmaking works?  I noticed that most games my team either won or lost by 20 or more kills in TDM, these don't see like fair teams.  Same lobby, mostly same people, both wins and losses.  75-55, 75-47, 75-28, 75-54, 75-54, 75-52.  I went back to back on the same map, same group of guys 4.67 kdr (good end of lag) to .67 (bad end of lag), most others were right around even +/- which at least make sense for my skill level. I had two games last week same senario went, 20-1 (19 in a row), followed by 4-15 with the same group.  Anyone else noticing the games coming out this way?

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