Master Prestige Glitch and Treyarch will make nothing

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

They've put put a security enhancements patch out for Xbox, but there isn't any telling for what.

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go outside people and do some real activities damn im tired of crying losers like you, you r pissed of at the game then dont play

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Man its better u dont cry its are holidays and we want play a few hours.

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you say you want to play but all you want to do is find flaws in the game so you can hate on it first is the lagg, then the smgs are way to op, then the target finder is op, and  now this irrelevant glitch

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chestsplittah is a fool he hasnt got a clue what hes saying or doing hes actualy still playing on a sega master system

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The game is broken at this point it needs alot of fixest from the lag the messed up ranks pretisge master glitch to hack glitches offensive players little kids it needs alot of work if they don't help support the game they are gonna lose alot of players

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You know what? I couldn't care less whether or not someone does a master prestige hack...why is it such a big deal? They could still doesn't affect the way you play...but on the other hand, the auto-aim and hacks like that that kill you, that's a different story. They need to be stopped ASAP. The master prestige hack would be on the bottom of my list to fix...

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I agree with Yargle_Barglez. I too could care less about the master prestige glitch, as we all know and have see, it doesn't affect our gameplay or make them any better to have all diamond camos, and everything unlocked. I played with what sounded like a young boy about the age of 8.. bragging about his diamond this and that. I called him out on this glitch and got cussed out by him. Does he kiss his mother with the same filthy mouth. Anyway, what we should put our focus on is the aim-bot and rapid-fire controllers with drop shot, quick scope, and the wall hack I've seen. To me that ruins the gameplay for any fan, no matter how good or how bad you are. It's unreal for someone to go 97-1 on Carrier while playing Kill Confirmed. Again to sum this up, I would say patch the glitch, so that it would prevent anymore users from glitching to master prestige.  And foucs your attention on the aim-bot, and modded- controller websites that really destroy your game and your fan base.

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basically guys he is trying to say is treyarch dont care about the glitches cos if they banned or reset pepole for doing the glitch they are going to loose a lot of customores........... and i was wouundring are treyarch going to pacth this glicth and let the glitchers just play on there accoutnt ?

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I'm sorry,...but I don't speak freaky deaky dutch!..........

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