Master Prestige Glitch and Treyarch will make nothing

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I understand you frustration. I've been playing since B.R.O. online. I hate to see these games getting abused. All we can do is put forth our best boot.

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I hope so that the Treyarch Supporter on the telephone was drunk or get stoned and they do anything about that Glitchers  

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Agree with you.  The punishments should have been done.  But its to l8.  Hopefully the real prestige masters dont get affected

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Maybe its been said..but i think there waiting on a patch first then they will really start to reset/ban users. Think about it, what would be the point if someone can just make another account and do it again. plus if they wait till they patch it will allow them to see if it works still or where they need to improve on to keep it from happening.

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hang on, your not getting another cod game made by treyarch because of the presitge glitch? What about the lag or lag comp?

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Theres noway i will be buying the DLC because of all the hacks ive also noticed alot of people are starting to do the auto aim hack i would rather spend me money on a different game than buy the DLC now

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glitchhas been patched on xbox live give it a few days till patch is live for ps3 bans and resets will follow

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Is this for the prestige glitches? If so... YAY!!!

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Is that true?

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