Little Rant post 1.04

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Little Rant post 1.04

500 GB Slim with 10MB/s Hardwire and 5MB/s wireless internet connection via ATT Uverse (ive tried both)

Gun Choices : MP7, M27, MSMC Starting to try assault but to under powered

Ever since this latest patch I get massive amounts of "Interrupted Connections" and Migrating Hosts atleast 1 or 2 times per match.

Ever since the start of this game I have had lag issues. Examples from my observations are mostly the following:

1. Most of my rounds are not registering when they hit my target, im getting hit markers on the enemies head, maybe 2 rounds head, 3-5 chest and they dont die how is that humanly possible? Then they turn and shoot me 2 times and i die

2. It almost seems like they are around a second ahead of me. What i see and what the kill cam sees is delayed by 0.5 to 1.0 second

3. Knifing.... I have literally knifed someone standing still and it does not register usually around 50% of the time this happens.

No Scope Sniping is pretty much what pisses me off the most in terms of balancing right now. That and SMGs are still WAAAAAY overpowered at range.

When most of the players in the game use SMGs there is a balance issue

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Re: Little Rant post 1.04

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yea, lag lag and more lag.  I can deal with OP weapons cause I can also use them, I can deal with theatre mode being broke cause it doesn't effect my gameplay, I can deal with the spread and kick of SMG's, but the lag is unacceptable and makes the game unplayable.  They refuse to fix it and it keeps getting worse if anything. 

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Re: Little Rant post 1.04

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these posts are really starting to get annoying, yes everyone knows these "issues"

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Re: Little Rant post 1.04

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What purpose do the quotation marks serve here? They are issues, that's implying they don't exist.

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Re: Little Rant post 1.04

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Lag is an issue.

It may not be humanly possible but again this is a game. You want more realism jump into hardcore where it doesn't matter what gun choice you make.

You can choose any gun, unless your a stat whore. Trying running around with underpowered stuff you may see your skills improve.

Knifing, switch to tactical layout. It will teach you not to knife mitigating that issue.

I rarely get killed by snipers in this game. It happens but one to two deaths per game is not a big deal.

At the end of the day its a game.

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Re: Little Rant post 1.04

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i never had any problems before patch 1.04 now it's spoiled the whole game for me only problem i did have was the making my ps3 freeze and not turn off till i pull the plug and have to rebulid database every time.

now i lag and other people lag even worse.

SMG's have no power and no accuracy.

the best shotgun in the game is now the worst shotgun in the game.

and my ps3 still freezes up.

i hope they remove this patch as it was a fail in every way.

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