Lightning Strike isnt such a lightning strike anymore infact the name is pointless, should they change the speed back to normal? also HC spawn timers

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in the recent update, treyarch has slowed down the lightning strike, its kind of ruined the scorestreak, i reckon they should speed it back up, what do you guys reckon?

coz right now it doesnt live up to its name, they need to rename it to the turtle strike coz its slower than an old lady

because of the slowness of the strike ive killed friendly players on hardcore, on thee uav they were ages away from the strike zone but the lightning strike struck so slowly they were under it when it hit and i almost got kicked from the game, with respawn timers dissapearing too my own teamates have also respawned in the strike zone

obviously im a hardcore player but yeah i reckon they need to get the lightning strike speed back to normal also get those spawn timers back in HC

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It's much better now than it was before. If you're out in the open you still won't have time to go hide, but if you're like two feet away from a door, at least now you got a little time to go hide.

I remember before the patch, I would often get killed before the "lightning strike incoming" comment would even be said... THAT was dumb.

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If there's no action going on then yes, the Lightening Strike is easy to avoid, but when is that the case?

So much is going on that the Voice of God ramble on and on about UAVs going up, objectives being captured and so much else that it's easy be told the Lightening Strike is coming after it has. This where people have a problem because it is such a powerful streak

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I don't know about you guys but I still get hit by lightning stirkes before the announcer finishes warning you of an impending lightning strike.

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Still happens indeed, but much less than pre-1.04

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I still drop then hear lightning strike incoming

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