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I think the solution has been found but I just wanted to say how good a thread this is.

We need more constructive threads instead of 'Ermagherd look at this douche' threads.

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Thank you everyone who participated and gave great feedback, seems the best options are use EMP to knock all equipment.

But what about the player himself standing there with his shotty ready to pounce? What do you guys suggest to actually get him out of there?

I like the emp option + tactician to run smoke grenades and blaze in there?

How about overwhelming him with lethal grenades with danger close?

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make sure you have:

flak jacket

hardwire+scavenger + pot 2 greed


EMP grenade

SMG or AR/w grenade laucher.


dont throw the EMP in the room but next to it or beneath it or use the balcony.

Throw C4 to see where he is as he will most likely shoot at the door seeing you throwing it, then RPG to the face.

next teabag him while he watches kill cam.

wait him up with C4

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Just saw this guy in action, thought about it for a minute and created a class I call...The DeWormer™.

It consists of an LSAT sporting FMJ with Extended Mags. My Perks are Lightweight and Engineer. I used the Tactician Wildcard-2 EMPs and 2 Black Hats.

Set up a match in Custom and placed the simWORM in his camping spot with a TS at the forward balcony door, a Claymore at the staircase and another TS at the aft balcony door.

I ran up to the cabin from the back of the boat and pitched an EMP into the cabin from middeck...2 TSs and Claymore were destroyed, ran into the lower fwd cabin, looked up and saw his Riot Shield through the floor and spammed the hell out of where he was camping behind it. The cabin was dewormed in about 1 second. No muss, no fuss.

In retrospect, I could have just left it at spamming his feet and ass through the floor, but free points are free points. I'll amend this class and get rid of the Wildcard...EMPs are enough..maybe C4, RPG and Scavenger to round things out.

Edit: Just tried The DeWormer™ on can also floor spam him there or spam him through the moving containers window wall from across the map, but it takes a few seconds, so he might have time to move.

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You know, sometimes you play a nice game of COD and you find someone sitting in a corner/prone ADSed at a door/some other campy thing, and then, you see something like this. That's just friggin awesome. I'm not much of a camper myself, but this is seriously something to behold. (Love listening to the dude in the video too. "Motion Sensor & A Bush Wookie Suit" )

This ain't even camping anymore. It's like art... It's like if Van Gogh was serial killer, and painted pictures in his victims blood.

That being said, pretty much what's already been mentioned: Black Hat the TS & Guardian from the bottom floor, maybe use some EMPs... maybe stand infront of the Sentry Guns with a Riot Shield and laugh.

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Guys I just went against some dudes doing the same exact thing in hijack and cargo! Very Very difficult to eliminate these dudes from the area, they are riddle with two or three guys and without a sniper FMJ I could not get them out!

I would rather this game style begin to proliferate so we all can begin to adapt to it.

Again anyone who does this will realize how successful it is.

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
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1.) Cook a grenade for 2 seconds.

2.) Throw grenade at the doorframe from below the balcony.

3.) Throw a concussion chaser.

4.) Throw another grenade without cooking it.

If you angle this right he will die.

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All we get to see is this one (or a few) videos of this guy camping. What about the 100's or even 1000's of matches where he was taken out before getting to even the Care-Package? Nope - nothing - no videos of that.


This must be one of those games where the enemy team comprised primarily of players that just loved to run straight at a camper & get killed. I think there's no dearth of such players - those that don't mind getting killed 30 or 40 or 50 times - even if it means the enemy is going to call in higher scorestreaks - that will then impact your entire team.



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funny  that the guy has care package on scoretreak but if gonna camp all day inside a room how his he gonna call it and pick it up?

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If he turned around and went outside he could have called the cp in.  It will land upstairs and he could have grabbed it.  No one would be able to get it because the only way to it is through the guardian and sentry gun.

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