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theroc23 wrote:

I would think that getting the usual gang of ransoms that play Core TDM to ignore this guy would be about as successful as a one legged man in an asss kicking contest. It's much more likely that they'll walk in and get opened up like tomato cans time after time, then on the 10th try they'll finally kill the camper and abruptly scream over game chat - "Yeah, Bit**! Take that, CAMPER!"  lol

It was KC and yes my random teammates, kept feeding him tags. After he got his high scorestreaks all hell broke lose and we were smashed to pieces.

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normally i would not camp but this video has inspired me to camp.

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Lol, I laughed till I cried, as camping goes, that's just embarrassing.  Simple answer is, ignore him.  Bore him out, or leave him with no kills.  No kills, no streaks and no score = no more camping.  As he's not running any high end streaks like vtol or warthog, he's no danger to me at all.  If he was running blackhat he could call in his care package and hope for the best.  I've done this myself when stuck in a room I don't want to leave, trying to squeeze out that last 5 points of scorestreak you desperately need for your warthog before you die. Just call the package in the room and when it lands on the roof, cap it with your black hat, obviously though, you're stuck with whatever it is.  If I felt like trolling him or he'd annoyed me, my preferred method of removal would be (using engineer) to black hat his trophy systems and then prime a grenade and toss it in his face whilst casually strolling past.  This is one of my favourite things to do to campers and snipers, along with stealing their claymores or bettys placed behind them, and they very rarely run engineer so it's rare they notice their equipment has been stolen.  Failing that, running engineer, just stick a big machine gun on, with as many bullets as possible, and the penetration perk and spam the wall until you've killed his equipment and or him.  There's no excuse for rushing in and dying

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proper camper noob there like he cant play it properly so he barricades himself in what a prick cock head

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Man I usually hate campers but this is just awesome LOL

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i know what i would of done throw flashes in or stun grenades in then throw semtexs in that would of  nacked him

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I agree with Jessiecat. I have a policy of not feeding campers, but I'd gladly go negative for a shot at this guy. This SO MUCH different than your average wuss camper that HIDES in a corner while hard ADS'n the only entryway.

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Although it is extreme camping he was crafty about it, and hey can't blame him really cuz to get big score games in this game you gotta do something smart.

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