Let's not over complicate ghost.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

If you don't move while using Ghost I have no problem with you showing up on a UAV. However I do not feel that Ghost shouldn't be split in half and then placed into the same tier. That's were I draw the line

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Ghost need's to be fix to fully block Uav, UAV will be spamed alot and it's not fair.

Why was Cod 4 the best Call Of Duty cause Uav was Block, Also The dev's added to Ghost and now we suffer for their mistake's and Uav cry baby's who want a easy kill.

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UAV crybabies who want an easy kill? You're kidding right lol. It shouldn't be a problem if you keep moving. I like the new ghost. We all know how much of a problem it was in Blops 1, so this is a step in the right direction.

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If UAVs are being spammed, you are already losing and you need to go out there and get the win for your team. If you do this while wearing ghost, you will not pop up on the radar. 

If the occassional UAV comes up, shoot it down and get the extra points so you can put it to your score streak. May I suggest one of your score streaks end up being Counter-UAV?

UAV crybabies who want an easy kill? If popping up as a red dot on a map that takes up less than a sixteenth of a players screen every 1-2 seconds makes you an easy kill, perhaps you should find another game that plays more slower to your level or learn to adjust.

Also, since I am fairly certain UAVs will not be spammed as hard as every little camper believes it will be since there are better score streaks close to the points that UAV cost, you little campers can still find your corners, pitch a tent and serve s'mores to every passing Run n Gunner still with little to no problems.

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UAV was block? It was probably the best because of the diversity of perks, the introduction of them overall. None of this complaining about Stealth Perks and UAV was anywhere near as ridiculous as it is now. Mostly because the generation that has come into the service are hell bent on doing anything they can to last as long as they can for a better KD. PERIOD. There is no other reason to want to be concealed all the time. Less chance being seen = K/D climbing.

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they didnt over complicate gohst, they simplified it. Now instead of doing 125,436 things (okay so i exagerate) it now only does one thing: keep you off the radar. the only reason they made it so you have to be moving is so they can tweek it to make it more balanced. not even treyarch knows what "you hae to be moving" will be in the end. So for the love of everything that is good, can we stop freaking out about it until the game comes out?

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nerf UAV until a strong ghost is balanced (weaker teh UAV, the weaker ghost.)

ghost bieng just UAV is better balanced than with extra benifits that made it OP.

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To balance the "new" ghost perk,should UAV be only visible for the person who earned/called it in?

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This wouldn't encourge team play though...

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i play FFA and the original ghost/UAV was balanced VERY WILL TO THAT GAMEMODE. thats the impression i got so i didnt worry about it.

i hated stuff like motion sensers showing up on everyones radar. UAV working for 1 person would be slitly underpowered in TDM and need longer lasting UAV/more sweeps, but fine on FFA. ghost could be reclumped with blindeye if UAV's only work for 1 player.

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