Let's look out for each other - PSN names.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

PSN; Benji090 I will be in Kill Confirmed more than likely or a new game mode to try it out.

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PSN: ShoutX4Cex

located in the UK. Lets DO THIS!

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PSN: luiseezyfcrazy

I'm the guy who had the lil wayne Emblem for the first Black Ops 

BTW, do any of you know if we can still create our own Emblems?

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Yep... and they made it even better than Black Ops.

"there will be 32 layers in the Emblem Editor. Not only that, but the RGB Color Wheel now allows you to use custom colors from the RGB spectrum and transparency has been added, too."

Aaaaaand you can make multiple emblems and save them. Not sure how many tho.

I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this I'm sure.

Also, PSN = AliCatEtc - Currently in California but moving to Ohio at the end of the month

See you guys around

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Indiana, US

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Portland Oregon USA

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Aho444 and i'm from Finland

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GENERAL_NOVA  in Florida some of y'all get at me

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4 hour 15 minutes to launch and game on knight_hawk_73 see you on the battle field

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Add me I will receive my shipping of my Hardend Edition tomorow

PSN ID: BlackSpeed2x

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