Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I thought league play was supposed to put players of equal skill level in a lobby? I've played it both with a full party and solo (talking about the 4v4 champions series) and most of the time I'm playing half blind 12 year olds. Seriously, I've been playing solo in champions series, I've played 5 placement matches winning all 5, getting put in Platinum league, and I STILL get put in teams with and against pub noobs!

I'm almost top 25 in platinum after just 4 matches... Aren't there any good players in this playlist or is it broken? It seems to be working fine on Xbox...  I just played a Search game on Carrier... Both the opponents and my teammates were either using Skorpions or they were SNIPING. I even saw someone run around with a shotty on this map >.> That's the kind of stuff you'd expect in a pub but not in league play...

I play solo league play because I wanted to find people of about the same skill level, same nationality (Dutch) etc. But they don't seem to be hanging around in the league play playlist =S

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