League play needs to be reverted to the old system

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

After the new "update" to league, they must have broken the placement matches, because the ladders are totally unorganized. I have 3 accounts that I play league play on and this is what has happened so far:

Account 1: Master rank 24 best, won 3/5 placement matches, got placed in platinum and won 2 games, didn't even move up a spot. Only about 45 of the 200 people have any points.

Account 2: Won 2/5 placment matches, was rank 59 master, got placed in bronze and went on a 14 winstreak, still can't move out of bronze.

Account 3: Won 5/5 placement matches, got placed in master, but there is only 50 people in the ladder and nobody else places into it, the 1st 10 people already have around 3000 points, so I can't move up in rank barely at all.

     Also, I hardly ever run into other masters. The demographics for the divisions are completely skewed now. No masters means a ton of platinums, literally the platinum division I placed into filled up within 5 minutes. Because of the ton of platinums, there are no golds, because there are no golds, there are a ton of silvers, and no bronzes, and a ton of irons. One of my friends was a silver last season won 3/5 placements and got put in iron. There are more irons than EVER and it is dumb because everybody backs out when an iron is on your team. Please revert LP back to the old way with the exception of the maps and the FAL.

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