League play doesn't make sense ...

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What's the point of having a solo based competition when you can play with a clan or party in it? You don't even have to be good to win matches in a party 'cause you can just assign ass buddies that follow another one around in KC/TDM. And its pretty obvious that they have a huge advantage over a team of randoms in objective based modes.

The previous point also states the next: what's the point of having a team based competition when you can play wherever you want with your party?

On what is the point system based? 'Cause if half the people in your team (or the other) are in placement matches, it just seems a bit random to me how many points you get/lose.

Quitters have to be punished harder, let the ragequitters stay in public matches  It's just annoying and tidious to finish a match 3vs6. Either ban them a week from the competition if they leave 3 times or let them quit the game as a whole by removing the 'Leave match' option in the pause menu.

Add an extra factor besides win/lose to determine how many points will be deducted if you lose a match. Imo, a player in masters league that goes 20-2 in KC doesn't have to lose the same amount of points as a player in placement matches that goes 2-33.

And last but not least: fix the lag (comp).

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