League Play Problems: In Game and In Menus

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League Play Problems: In Game and In Menus

Hey Treyarch,

I just started playing league play with a team that is now ranked 2nd in master, and I have found out that there are multiple UI issues and gameplay issues when it comes to this game mode.

The Problems:

- In league play, there should be a date of when the season started and when it ends.

- Second off maybe an explationation of how I recieve these bonus points of 150?? I feel like it's random.

- When I go to someone elses team and press square to go to top of their division to see who it #1, it glitches out and only shows my team's ladder rankings.

- Sometimes it shows player's names when they should only be showing up as matched player.

- Often it will show a map, then glitch and change the map and game mode

- Often during this glitch, you are given the opportunity to safely back out of the lobby.

- Remove trophy systems and sensor grenades? (not so much sensors, but trophies for sure)

- Remove aftermath snd...... it's awful

- Fix the occasional freezing.

- Must be in a party before entering the league play lobby for the most part, or else people won't be able to connect.

- If you are in a league play lobby, and you go to join someone's session and can't connect, then it will put you back in the lobby and your friend's list will start to glitch out and go crazy.

- Occasionally get timed out before the match (just freezes on synchrozing settings)

- Will randomly restart your win streak.

- How come ps3 doesn't get pro status?

These are the few I noticed... Feel free to add more about League Play if there are some.

- PheNahM

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