Lag is getting worse.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I shoot people over and over, then bang I'm dead... I once shot someone in the head with a shotgun when I was stood at the side of him, then he killed me... Kill Cam suggests I didn't shoot at all!

Seriously sort it out Treyarch.

Edit The worst thing is, according to the game I'm on a "4 bar" clearly not, so not only is your hit detection/lag comp annoying is hell, also the ping feature also sucks.

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     Every since that little white number in the top right hand corner changed to 23.446.21, the game has been unplayable for me.  Every single match I'm experiencing what you describe.

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Saying the lag is getting worse is like saying the Pacific Ocean is getting bigger.

It lagged on day 1 and it still lags now.  You get the odd good game, just to keep you interested and coming back for more in a masochistic kind of way.

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I play combat training most of the time now because although its still laggy its far more enjoyable and I play the game to have fun not get all bent out of shape because of the stupid stuff that happens all the time.

Just on the 4 bar connection thing this is the way I look at it

Host 100% connected (minamal lag)

75% to 100% 4 Bar

50% to 75% 3 Bar

25" to 50% 2 Bar

0% to 25% 1 Bar

this is all basied on distance from the host so even with a 4 bar you could be still only at 75% connection to the host and lagging

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