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Heres some food for thought. My ping never goes any higher than 40ms and thats when I am sitting outside and connecting to a server from Okalamoma. My Upload/download are in 10-15mbs so thats not the issue. Its lag compensation that adds artifical lag to my connection. I tested and the lag comp added 180ms to my ping. It is broken as well as the matchmaking seeing how I get mached up with UK guys when I am NOT in a party.(I live on East Coast US) I am taking a break from BLOPS II until this issue is resolved. 

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Re: Lag Compensation

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woah wait you get into uk lobbies on the east coast of america! I get in french lobbies living in the uk, that's bs

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Re: Lag Compensation

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This game doesn't even work properly offline, I notice frame skipping and imput lag against bots offline on HD settings.

So yeah look if your tv has imput lag while playing offline. Find your optimal resolution until you don't notice any lag offline. Plenty of new tvs have a game mode otherwise play on a monitor, but you will need to buy cables to make that work via your ps3.

Even then the game is unplayable if you have a very low ping. Easiest way to make the game playable is by playing on a wireless net with your router in another lobby. You will keep a 4 bar with a good network, however your ping should decrease giving you the normal experience in normal lobbies with good hosts. I would also avoid hosting by capping your upload speed if you can with QoS settings in your router

I play wired atm, but its a very long one. On my short one I want to strangle the devs.

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Re: Lag Compensation

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