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Makes a joke off honest gamers and makes you think why bother......

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Re: Lag Comp - Treyarch PLease watch

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That's what the majority of players fail to comprehend. For the majority of players the game is working fine because they are fairly matched up against each other and they all have a GIGANTIC ADVANTAGE over those of us suffering for lag at it's worst. The bottom line is that the less fortunate of us have been sacrificed for the betterment of the masses.

Read this closely:

This game is not going to be fixed because it already is for the large majority of the 300.000 or so players that are on line on any given night. Most of the players that I talk to in game chat are usually in a state of ignorant bliss as they hoot and howl their way through slaughtering everyone on the map. 

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Re: Lag Comp - Treyarch PLease watch

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Sorry but I've got to disagree and I think you're being vastly optimistic. Given the amount of complaining on many forums I would guesstimate its more like 50-50. Not everyone complains on forums and they just put up with it. I've friends on my list that I play with regularly, with vastly differing connections, and everyone complains of lag. In MW3 I could go ages 5-10 games without lag, in this one it's 5-10 games before I get a decent connection.

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