LAG, Host Migration, Lobby Wait, SHIT MatchMaking and more Host Migration

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


The biggest problems with the game now is the LAG. When ever we play, me and my team. We allways and I say allways get bad connection.

It's funny because all on our team have great connection. I Have 100mb down and up, and for some reason it gives the other team the host, so it ends up being a host migration the whole fucking day, because we own so hard and play FTW that 99% of the time the team leaves. So the host leaves and then the game gives the host to the other guy that is also about to leave, so he leaves and this goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on. THERE IS NO FUCKING END


It's so broken it's not even funny. WE NEED A PATCH ASAP!!!

so when the match is over and everybody has left, we have to deal with nobody joining the lobby. When people do join it's a full team of 6 players. They see our combat record and leave. So we wait and we wait.

why can't people join???

is there nobody that has bought the game???

The answer is yes people have bought the game! but the problem is in the game, with it's shitty matchmaking system.

When people have joined and the match has started after waiting in the matchmaking system for 10 min, right after it's the same fucking story. The enemy host leaves --> HOST MIGRATION --> HOST GIVEN TO "ENEMY PLAYER 2" --> ENEMY PLAYER 2 LEAVES --> HOST MIGRATION


Why Treyarch why?

No other COD game before has had this many problems with this SHIT/STUFF before

I know what I'm talking about I have played every single COD Game since COD1, got into multiplayer for the first time on COD4.

and that Lag Compensation thing ohhh don't get me started on that shit. Who ever gave out that idea should be shot. For you to implement that system into the game is so insane that it's a crime.


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