Knife Customizing! (Am i missing something)?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Why? its not like it shows my knife in slow motion when i kill someone, who they hell is going to be able to see what i have customized on my knife anyways? i can only see it in my create a class screen. whats the point?

its not a compaint just seems pointless. unless im missing something?

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If you remove your secondary and during a match, switch from your primary to what would have been your secondary, you will run around with a knife out customized.

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takes a dosis of luck and a good connection anyways to have a knife connect lol.

the only time i can knife someone is if that person is on the ground or standing somewhere not moving at all.

even then i sometimes need 2 or 3 tries to get a kill lol.

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I really like Black ops 2 dont get me wrong. the first thing that came to thought when i seen that we can customize our knife.... i was like......ok whats next...Nike? Addidas?Sketchers? misfits T-shirt?

I mean i feeel as if they threw this in at the last minute.

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