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So I just started to use the KSG and notice how I have to shoot it atleast 2 or 3 even sometimes 4 times to even get a hit or kill.  My crosshairs can be directly aimed at someone in close range and nothing not even a hit marker.  I even attached long barrel but still no improvment.  Is anyone else having this same issue.  I made a video and posted below of what i've experienced in a recent game today.

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Appareantly you haven't played with it that much because if you did you would very quickly figure out it's a single slug (as erikpemberton said) and that hipfiring it is like hipfiring the DSR.

If you're so hell bent on hipfiring that shotgun, at least put laser sight on it. The spread becomes much smaller.

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Yes a single slug, which does not spread as it would be a round large ball shaped object Smiley Happy ..Then i understand if you meant that the hipfire on this thing is a bit random so if you insist on hipfiring the laser might help. IMO the laser is for noobs and quite useless with the KSG as you are better off to ADS with it.

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Yea I see now, thanks for the feedback.

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The KSG is hands down my favorite gun in the game so far.

Don't use it like a normal shotgun; think of it as a sniper rifle with no scope and a range of about 35 "in-game yards"/ 40 "in-game meters".

Just keep working it.

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Same here thus far..thanks for the advice dude.

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I am personally having a very hard time getting this thing to have gold camo. What can I say... I ads right on the chest of people like five yards always and they are moving in a to straight line and I still miss it. All I need is five bloodthirsty and I will never touch this freaking thing again... Good connection or not.

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It's like that with every gun when the enemy is lagging. It's just easier to see with a single shot weapon, but SMG's usually miss the first several rounds also.

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its easy to play ksg just quick scope like a sniper since its a slug shot

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This thread has nailed it.

The intention for KSG, I'm sure, was a gun that could do slightly more power (therefore more OHK) than any other shotgun, and this is noticeable even at range if you get it right, but the downside was meant to be that you had to get it right.

Many times, and even in games that show few other signs of lag, the KSG fails when apparently on target.

I had one game on Hijacked where I arrived up the ladder from the engine room at the front of the boat and headed into the kitchen/food prep area, I spotted an enemy in the corner and ran at him firing 3 shots directly at him.

Of course I was disappointed but I wanted to analyse what happened. Upon mutiple replays I could make some conclusions.

1. My first shot may have fired as I was going downsight and therefore not actually when I was downsight. With awful/zero hipfire (even with laser attachment on) this could be a miss.

2. My second shot was possibly as the enemy moved and though it looked on target when it happened real time, the replay showed the enemy moved and maybe I was off to his arm (or totally off with minor lag).

3. The third hit up close was on target no matter what and the only conclusion there is that I fired after his killing shot (standard lag, and hard to tell in both real time and replay).

The same game I managed a triple kill with the KSG that, for the reasons explained in this thread, could have ended as no kills. I surprised 3 enemies in the adjacent room (coming from the stairs above). All were sighted on the front door (facing mid-boat) and I aimed downsight at them (they were stationary), it took 3 shots (thankfully they were very slow to react) before I even got a hit. In the end I took out all 3 in 8 shots (and it was 3-4 that connected, so OHK for 2-3 of them).

The KSG was meant to be a precision only-difficult but rewarding gun. It is actually more random and unreliable than that, simply due to lag.

This is similiar in general to why SMG's are safer than many other guns in close quarters because lag or not, spitting that many bullets with good hipfire gives you a chance, wherever the enemy really is.

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