Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Go to youtube and watch Drift0r's indept analysis of the KSG, he explains it perfectly. The gun has some weird aiming issues. If you ADS you have to wait a fraction of a second before shooting or the slug won't travel straight, or if you crouch or go prone you gotta wait a bit for the aim to even out. Reflex sight and stock/long barrel are pretty good attachments to go with. I prefer the stock because you can move pretty quick while ADS so the gun shoots straight when you want it to.

Hip fire is definitely gonna be pretty inaccurate as people pointed out it doesn't shoot pellets, it's one giant slug. I think the guns pretty wicked it just take more skill to control, and the connection has to be good or else it can be one of the worst guns in the game.

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They need to give it some spread. I know that's not how the gun works but it's so hit and miss (literally) that you can aim on someone and not hit them. I saw maybe a 1ft spread tops. If they want to loose some range and damage to do this I'm cool with that, but the KSG is the most inconsistent weapon in the history of FPS

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Been there so many times and thats why I just don't use it. I can't detemine if 1.) It's lag. 2.) It's so dead accurate that you need to shoot them dead straight. (P.S You can actaully use the ksg as a sniper if you use long barrel.) or 3.) The gun is unbelivably unaccurate.

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