K/D Means Nothing

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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Its mostly SPM that counts, as most modes are objective modes. Obviously in campmatch SPM is kinda irrelevant, unless paired with a good K/D.

I gotta say though, it is possible to play well without either. I have a K/D of 1.03 and a SPM of 270, yes alot of this is due to me going hugely negative for my first 4 prestiges, but mostly its just me being average. Yet i still manage to get cracking gameplays, in lobbies that arent lagging (on both ends), and end up with between a 3 and 5 K/D at the top of the board.

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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The biggest compliment I can give you in-game is when I leave your lobby before the match starts.  I look at the lobby leaderboard between matches just to see where I lie, and if I see that there's one player with a much higher SPM than anyone else, I check one number in their combat record: W/L ratio.

If they're rocking a 2+ W/L, I'm out of there unless they end up on my team.  If they've got a 0.5 W/L then I couldn't care less how high their SPM or K/D are, they don't know how to play the game & I'm not even slightly afraid of going up against them.

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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Getting those weapons diamond is an absolute K/D dropper spent the day getting my combat knife gold in FFA running into shotguns and smgs all day was frustrating.

K/D doesn't mean much unless u know the player and what he has done (does he have a good connection, does he go 4 ridiculous challenges, what weapons does he use, does he fck around and does he play in a party most of the time)

SPM means fck all too 4 the exact same reason as above i could get a high k/d and spm just using a smg try harding not a problem but i like to mix it up some days i will try hard with a smg with vsat, dogs and swarm and some days i will have a fck about messing around and some days i will go 4 challenges and camo's

stats to a certain degree are irrelevent unless put under the microscope

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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skill_kill_uk wrote:

I used to have a 2.68 K/D ive video proof but since getting all dimond camos and messing around with the assault shield with friends its plummeted to around 1.30. So now when im in lobbys i allways get somebody saying ha ha look your K/D is crap lol and then i get in a game and destroy them im not botherd about my K/D but alot of you are what are thoughts

That's interesting... because mine is now even lower than that (from working on challenges and weapons), and I haven't had a single person comment on my "just above 1.0" k/d in my over 20+ days of game time played.

Perhaps you are pointing it out to them to make small talk?

As others have pointed out however, SPM in TDM over 2.50 is a pretty good indicator they can be a real killer. I am guessing that uninhibited by challenges (*cough*-glitchers-*cough*) I would likely be in the 1.90 range as a sniper and 2.25-2.50 range running and gunning.

On rare occasion I see a monster SPM on legit guys (3.50-4.50 in Core TDM) and frankly, they are a must have on your team or you can pretty much bank on losing.

As an aside: I haven't personally seen a performance that matches -- their likely boosted stats -- for anyone over 4.8 SPM.

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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its because of my psn skill_kill_uk that they mention it but like i said im not botherd about my K/D we can all sit in lobbys talking the talk about are big K/Ds but scores speak for them selfs after a match

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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People that care about K/D and other pathetic stats either A: have absolutly no life. B: are some kid about 11 years old who shouldn't be playing in the first place. or C: Has no GF or is ever likely to see a real girl naked, ever. I just play this game for fun when i have a spare day or two off work and to be honest the FUN aspect of this game wore off a long time ago. i get it too some pathetic excuse for a person moaning about K/D. personally my k/d is 2.19 or some shit but that is because like you i don't suck at this game. you have to remember in a year or two's time these sad gits will look back and think  they were getting a hard on over their k/d and now it means absolutly piss all. 

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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I play this game in my spare time and just for fun. I might try doing a race to prestige with freinds just to see how that works out, but other then that I don't care about the stats. When ever you go for challenges or Diamond camos you immediatly see all your stats drop. If your like me and you like equipping the assault sheild every now and then just to trap people and piss them off then that will also affect you. Right now my SPM is 244, K/D is 0.84, and W/L ratio is 0.36. I proudly don't give a sh*t about any of them.


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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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mmm i disagree, im going for diamond camo for Ar's and already have it for LMG's and i went from a 1.6 ish kd, to a 3.16 kd.. so your kd doesnt have to suffer to do challenges

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Re: K/D Means Nothing

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I call Bullsh!t on this

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