Is spawnkilling a bannable offense

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

ghamorra wrote:

It's the easiest dirtiest tactic in the game. You sit and wait for someone to spawn then kill them instantly. Oh boy, you have great skills. I bet you're real proud of yourself

It isn't as easy as it seems. It takes quite the TEAM effort to carry through with it. Unless it's against people who suck then It's as easy as taking candy from a baby. I don't do it much, and I am proud of my self thanks You have "great skills" getting yourself in that position!

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spawn killing is obviously not winning a game straight up or it wouldnt be bannable. there is a difference to people spawning and having a achance at gameplay as opposed to being trapped in 1 place with no chance of pulling the trigger or lobbing a grenade or being able to get out of the situation i havent had it in bops 2 as i dont play dom but mw3 was rife with it.

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Just joined another game exatlcy the same... mostly happens on Hijacked!

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spawn trapping and spawn killing are 2 different styles of game play..spawn trapping- cutting off all choke points keeping the enemy at bay..

spawn killing- trolling and adsing the actual spawn points to where the opponent has no chance..

spawn trapping gives the enemy a fighting chance and keeps yo on your toes...

spawn killing is mindless, no skill having pu C way of playing

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