If you could only choose 1, Flack jack, Ghost or Hardline?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Which would you choose? Personally I would choose Hardline... (This allows me to know what gun people are using) If anyone says "It depends," then I will call you a Douche bagging numb nut. Why? Because I'm asking about the perk you most use not what you use every time because that would defeat the purpose.

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Hardline, it helps get the bigger scorestreaks faster.

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This depends. I played a game today with a bunch of kill feeding artards and there were non-stop UAVs in the sky. I had to be moving in real time on the enemies radar. I was on a friends account and he was 0 prestige level 30 something so he didn't have Ghost. Needless to say I died a lot

On the other hand I've been playing with some clan mates as of late and we do really well. Some games I doubt the enemy gets more than 2 or 3 UAVs which we shoot down rather quickly. In game like these I would rather have Hardline

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how does hardline let you know?

Hardline is a perk I almost never use because I like to kill with my guns, not my toy plane/heli.

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I personaly would pick ghost, yes its the most hated perk but i dont use it for that purpose i use it because i flank all the time i dont care about scorestreaks so i just run low ones which will help me in flanking and flack jacket i wouldnt need it as i would hardly get hit with nade's unless im capturing a point and when that happens if i die meh i die i dont care about my K.D

As for your reason behind this thread the gun's i run is any depends on the map small = smg / shotgun medium = smg / Assualt  large = assualt with target finder / acog  most of the time im running a silencer & fast mags on all apart from shotgun where i run long barrel and somthing else not really used shotguns much.

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ghost all the way.

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hardline for faster scorestreaks

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This is very simple, Hardline. Reason is that I play the objective so if the enemy wants to find me just head to the bombsite/flag position so ghost is out. And flak jacket doesn't stop bullets or headshots so it isn't that great. I know in bo1 I used flak jacket pro 100% of the time but grenades and tubes seem to have been nerfed compared to that game.

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Ghost, because I barely stop moving so it is funny to be able to walk up to someone trying to figure out where the other team is by watching the HUD.

pro tip: always play as if there was no UAV in the sky... this makes ghost useless.

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My Fav game mode is HC/KC

Playing solo I like Ghost the best

Plaing in a Party of 3 or more I like Hardline

i use these two toghether 75% of the time

I havent used flakjacket that much so i dont have any thoughts on it

it does Depend on things as to the perk you pick, like game mode, the way other players are playing .....i have 9 custom classes at the moment...that consist of mainly ARs and SMGs

i use the same weapon but change up my perks .....so if i need to do a class change in the game to help counter what the enemy is doing, i can switch out to perks better for that game

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